About VDDB

VDDB was founded in 1996 and started business in June 1996.

VDDB is the acronym for Van Der Dussen Bourekenaars, the surname of the founder with the Afrikaans for quantity surveyors, which formed the registered name of the company initially.

The original business plan (printed on a dot-matrix printer in 1995) described the intention to drive the acronym to become a brand pronounced vee-dee-dee-bee. The acronym took on quickly, and in 2015 the company name was eventually changed to bring the company name in line with the commonly known name, together with the other plan that came together, which was to expand from a specialist quantity surveying business into a fully fledged project commercial service business and thus the registered company name is currently VDDB Projekdienste (Pty) Ltd in South Africa and VDDB Project Services in Botswana.

About Us

VDDB provides project structuring, execution and control services that makes projects predictable and controllable. Some clients prefer the full project office function, including procedures, procurement, contract administration, policies and general project execution and co-ordination, and use selected services.


The concept of analytical quantity surveying is one of numerous enhanced services where traditional skills are merged with information management tooling to provide strongly enhanced project services in a fast world which is keen for optimisation.

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