The VDDB Way

In short, the VDDB way is teamwork with power tools, merging various skills with strong data and information management.

The VDDB project controls combines the best of of traditional processes such as accounting and quantity surveying with the power of current data and information management tooling and techniques. While individuals are required to be multi-skilled (e g quantity surveying and information management), the team approach of combining various skills delivers the service product.

The VDDB way is designed to deliver the right information at the right place at the right time. It entrenches accuracy, comprehensiveness, being purposeful and situation-specific and enabling the service users such as the project manager, project director and discipline engineers by providing commercial information that enables proactive and informed decisions.

The right information at the right place at the right time also describes the VDDB way as client-orientated and solutions tailored to project and client specific needs. We can provide the systems, procedures, policies and formats for the younger client, but also integrates with the mature client requirements where it is in place.

The project is seen as a whole, and all participants and contributors must deliver their inputs in context of the total project e g the construction contract fits into the project budget and serves not only the relationship between one contractor for one discipline (e g civil works) but impacts on and thus its decisions has to consider the project budget impacts and not only the lowest price for the specific contract.

Activities are allocated to the most effective level of personnel and appropriate personnel, thus e g combining the accuracy and attention to detail attributes of the accountant with the quantity surveyors insight into construction costs and the buyers understanding of the total cost of procurement beyond the direct price of the equipment of materials to alert the accountant of logistics, spares and warranty cost impacts.

VDDB works collaboratively with shared documentation in realtime, and thus adopted cloud work area techniques (e g SharePoint) as the way of working, including providing client access and further encouraging project team work which is becoming increasingly seamless, with ready access to all project data and information.

We give preference to strong but general purpose tooling over limited purpose dedicated systems that distracts from being client and project specific driven and distracts from the vast analytical power of data utilisation in much stronger general tools. This approach has a further advantage for integration with client systems, also in line with the client-driven and optimised data and information utilisation philosophy.

Repeat business from existing client organisations and new clients through individuals that move between client organisations, is testimony to the value that is added and the ability to offer effective solutions.

About Us

VDDB provides project structuring, execution and control services that makes projects predictable and controllable. Some clients prefer the full project office function, including procedures, procurement, contract administration, policies and general project execution and co-ordination, and use selected services.


The concept of analytical quantity surveying is one of numerous enhanced services where traditional skills are merged with information management tooling to provide strongly enhanced project services in a fast world which is keen for optimisation.

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