Cost Estimating

Compiling comprehensive structured cost estimates with multiple views with data teqniques that encourages estimate refinement, iterations and comparative options. Includes all elements for the complete project cost, including equipment, materials, construction, installation, engineering, design and management, owner’s cost, commissioning and operational readiness.

Cost estimating is allocated simultaneously to concepts like project phases; work breakdown structure (WBS); disciplines; client accounting allocation; procurement package allocations; elements. VDDB provides as much as required and integrates with client and engineers’ requirements.

The cost estimates are compiled in a structured but flexible database format which is set up for the particular project requirements.

About Us

VDDB provides project structuring, execution and control services that makes projects predictable and controllable. Some clients prefer the full project office function, including procedures, procurement, contract administration, policies and general project execution and co-ordination, and use selected services.


The concept of analytical quantity surveying is one of numerous enhanced services where traditional skills are merged with information management tooling to provide strongly enhanced project services in a fast world which is keen for optimisation.

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